• Why you may not be getting the calcium your body needs

    By schedule | In Blog | on October 26, 2017

    Ever wondered why milk jugs say “fortified with Vitamin D” at the grocery store? It’s because our bodies need Vitamin D to capture the calcium in our bodies, specifically Vitamin D3 or Cholecalciferol. Calcium and Vitamin D3 Think of calcium blocks in our bones like a tube floating down a river. If you’re in a tube […]

  • Don’t feel stressed, feel blessed!

    By schedule | In Uncategorized | on December 2, 2016

    We are officially in the holiday season.  Is it already that time again? We know this time of the year is an exciting time for family, friends, and especially the retail stores! It is a very busy time of the year and we know that one thing that kicks in for most of us is […]

  • Can we really “kill two birds with one stone”?

    By schedule | In Blog | on November 11, 2016

    It’s blissfully warm and cozy. We burrow deeper into the covers, enjoying every last bit of peaceful slumber. But it’s still there, no matter how hard we try to ignore it- the foreboding thought of what’s coming. We push it out of our minds, but like a buzzing fly it always comes back to torture […]

  • “I can’t believe I ate the WHOLE THING”

    By schedule | In Blog | on November 2, 2016

    “Food, food, glorious food.” This phrase comes to mind every time the holidays roll around. You’ve got turkey, ham, potatoes, stuffing, casseroles galore. And that’s not even the best part! Desserts: Pumpkin pie, apple pie, popcorn balls, fruit cake, sugar cookies, and more. It’s enough yummy goodness to make your head spin! No wonder our […]

  • ‘Tis The Season….

    By schedule | In Blog | on October 24, 2016

    Halloween is upon us, and slowly starts the slippery slope of falling fitness goals and unhealthy eating habits. So we cave and indulge (just this once!) on “all hallows eve”. After all, we’ve done so well for the last couple months, we deserve a splurge night, right? Then we’re back on our feet, hitting the […]

  • Foods To Eat Before A Workout

    By schedule | In Blog | on May 18, 2016

    Everyone knows that when it comes to working out and exercising that eating and what you eat is important. However, many people are uncertain about what foods to eat to get the most out of their workout. Here are some ideas of things that can help you along the way. Before First of all, you […]

  • Setting SMART Fitness Goals

    By schedule | In Blog | on May 6, 2016

    People don’t plan to fail; They fail to plan Many times people will get a gym membership with the intent of getting in shape. What does this mean? How do you know when you’ve reached it. Just as you do with any goal in your life, fitness goals must be planned. It is often helpful […]

  • Utah’s exclusive dealer for Samson Equipment

    By schedule | In Blog | on October 5, 2015

    Alpine Fitness is now the exclusive dealer for Samson Equipment for the state of Utah! Samson Equipment was founded in 1976 in New Mexico, and has grown into a multi-million dollar international company. We are proud to offer this outstanding brand who focuses on superior quality at an affordable price. For inquiries purchasing Samson products, […]

  • Alpine Fitness is looking for interns

    By schedule | In Blog | on October 5, 2015

    Did you know that Alpine Fitness offers marketing and business management internships? We are currently looking for applicants who are interested in improving their skills through a comprehensive, 225 hour hands-on internship. If you, or anyone that you know, have been thinking about completing an internship, please contact us at and set up an […]

  • Alpine Fitness New Promo Video

    By schedule | In Blog | on September 16, 2015

    Alpine Fitness has a brand-new promo video! Check out the video and let us know what you think!     Be sure to visit our YouTube channel for more videos about Alpine Fitness and Alpine Physical Therapy at this link.

  • 8 Reasons Why You Should be Working With a Personal Trainer

    By schedule | In Blog | on September 4, 2015

    8 Reasons Why You Should Be Working With a Personal Trainer Alpine Fitness is home to some of the most highly trained personal trainers in the state. Each of them undergoes a 225 hour internship to ensure that you will receive the best training available. Below are 8 reasons why you should be working with […]

  • Alpine Fitness Video

    By schedule | In Blog | on August 19, 2015

    Alpine Fitness Center Feature Video Here is the latest video from Alpine Fitness showcasing our fabulous equipment and what our gym has to offer. Check it out and let us know what you think. x